Samsung touts 4 ways the Galaxy S5 is better than the iPhone – without bashing the iPhone once

Zach Epstein

Every once in a while, Samsung puts together some promotional videos that somehow manage to avoid bashing Apple a single time. Though it may be rare, it does happen. And when it happens, the videos in question tend to actually focus on explaining some key features of the product Samsung is trying to sell. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes these promos are even more interesting and helpful than Samsung’s dozens upon dozens of Apple-bashing spots.

Four new promotional videos were released by Samsung this week that show off some of the Galaxy S5′s most important and intriguing features. Among them are the S Heath fitness suite, ultra power saving mode, new camera features and the phone’s 5.1-inch full HD display.

All four of these features are fantastic, and all four of them can be made to look appealing without bashing the iPhone a single time.

Does this mean Samsung will stop slapping Apple for good? Of course not — positioning iPhone users as mindless hipster sheep helped make Samsung the smartphone giant it is today. But maybe… just maybe… Samsung will start to focus on its own products a bit more now that it’s the top smartphone maker in the world by a huge margin.

Samsung’s four new Galaxy S5 promo videos are embedded below.

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