Samsung is very sensitive about being called a copycat

Samsung Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Lawsuit
Samsung Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Lawsuit

After getting thumped by Apple for alleged patent infringement, Samsung has become more determined than ever to shed its copycat image. That’s why Samsung has now filed a countersuit against British manufacturer Dyson for allegedly “hurting Samsung’s corporate image” when it accused Samsung of ripping off Dyson’s vacuum cleaner designs, The Korea Times reports. Samsung has decided to file the lawsuit even though Dyson voluntarily decided to drop its own litigation against Samsung weeks ago. Even so, Samsung’s executives are still hopping mad that their company has once again been portrayed as a follower especially at a time when they’re doing their best to make sure Samsung is first to market with technologies such as smartwatches.

“Samsung has the right to assess the damage the lawsuit has caused,” an unnamed Samsung exec told The Korea Times. “Samsung is going to take a hard-line stance against patent trolls that use litigations as a marketing tool.”

Samsung is seeking compensation of 10 billion won (USD $9.4 million) for Dyson’s alleged defamation.

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