Samsung's 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab A is on sale for $100 off on Amazon

Haley Henschel

TL;DR: You can score a gray 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A for just $229.99 on Amazon. It's normally $329.99, so you'll save a solid 30%.

You might've forgotten already that weeks before Tim Cook revealed the redesigned iPad at Apple's Sept. 10 event, Samsung released a revamped version of its own flagship tablet — the Galaxy Tab S6 —  complete with improved battery life and an upgraded S Pen. (So many new tablets, so little time.) 

That means iOS devotees and Android aficionados both have fresh-off-the-assembly-line devices to play with right now — so long as you can afford 'em, that is.

If you want a new tablet but don't feel like paying those "new new" prices, consider this: Amazon has last year's 10.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab A on sale right now for 30% off its usual retail price, which works out to a $100 discount.  Read more...

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