Samuel L. Jackson has no time or patience for 'Snakes on a Plane' haters

If you aren’t a fan of “Snakes on

a Plane,” keep it to yourself.

At the very least, don’t tag Samuel L. Jackson —

the star of the film — in a tweet bashing it, lest you

want the “Avengers” actor to come after you.

On April 29, Jackson took notice

of a rude tweet about the film and

wasted no time responding to it.

“Whenever you feel bad about certain

bad choices you’ve made in life, just

remember @SamuelLJackson thought

Snakes on a Plane was a good idea,”

Twitter user Miselo Chitah wrote.

In less than 24 hours, Jackson

responded to the tweet, defending

both the film and his choice to star in it.

“WTF does that even mean??! It’s a cult fave

& your claim to fame is….???? For the record, it

was a Great Idea!! Those residuals,” he said.

“Snakes on a Plane” might not have won any Oscars,

but it did pretty well given its strange premise.

 According to Box Office Mojo, “Snakes on

a Plane” grossed more than $62 million worldwide,

which is almost twice its $33 million budget.

In 2018, more than a decade after the film’s 2006

premiere, the Washington Post called the movie

“a landmark film with an outlandish premise which,

beyond all odds, became a cultural phenomenon”.

On Twitter, people couldn’t help

but laugh at Chitah’s misfortune.

“Whenever you feel bad about certain

bad choices you’ve made in life, just

remember @Miselosellz thought this tweet

was a good idea!” one person joked.

“How very dare he! It’s a cult classic! How many

films have you done since then? It’s certainly not

impacted your career!” another user added.

“When Samuel l Jackson is on your case run far run

fast. You will not win. You got burnt so bad I can feel

the heat here in [the] UK,” a third person remarked.

Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the first celebrity to clap

back at his haters. Other stars like Kelly Ripa,

Chrissy Teigen and Kylie Jenner love to mess

with their trolls — and we love the drama