San Antonio Police Rescue Stranded Fishermen

A San Antonio Police Department helicopter unit rescued two fishermen who were stranded in a river portion of Lake Amistad, north of Del Rio, on December 4.

Texas Parks and Wildlife wardens had attempted to conduct the rescue by multiple boats but “were unsuccessful due to the muddy, silt-like terrain the boat had run up on,” police said.

One of the men told local media that he had taken the route several times. Bart Giles said he “took a detour to go back and check a capsized canoe to make sure no one was in need of help.” His boat then got stuck in mud, he said. "In that early morning light, it looked like water all the way across there, so when I went to turn around, it was just mud.”

Attempting to get out of the boat, Giles “sunk straight down” in the mud, he said. Left with no cell phone service, Giles said he blew a whistle alerting someone on the Mexico side of the border to notify first responders.

This footage was released by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and shows the men being rescued. Credit: Texas Department of Public Safety via Storyful