San Diego Agency's Tool Estimates When States Can Reopen

Kristina Houck

SAN DIEGO, CA — A San Diego marketing agency has created an interactive tool that estimates when California can safely reopen during the coronavirus pandemic.

Launched by Red Door Interactive, the algorithmic model uses data on COVID-19 cases and testing from Johns Hopkins University, as well as criteria from the White House's reopening guidelines to determine when states can reopen.

"The goal of this project is to provide support to the business community," said Ron Hadler, Red Door Interactive's senior director of marketing technology.

"Businesses should be ready to hit the ground running when conditions are right, so keeping an eye on a sustained downward trajectory in cases, and positive tests, is a vital part of that. These visualizations provide an easily digestible depiction of how new cases and testing are trending in your state."

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Although some states have already lifted stay-at-home orders, the tool shows just four states — Montana, West Virginia, Alaska and Hawaii — and the U.S. territory Puerto Rico, were ready to reopen as of Monday. The tool currently predicts the majority of the country is more than three weeks away from meeting the criteria that would justify relaxing strict social distancing measures under the guidelines established by the White House.

According to the tool, California is currently still two weeks away from being able to safely reopen because there's not enough downward consistency in the number of cases and positive tests.

The data flowing into the visualizations is updated between 8-9 p.m. daily.

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This article originally appeared on the San Diego Patch