San Franciscans strike over racial inequality

Hundreds of union workers rallied Monday outside San Francisco City Hall to protest systemic racism and economic inequality. (July 20)

Video Transcript

- What do we want? Justice. When do we want it? Now.

THERESA RUTHERFORD: Structured racism as-- is front and center. We know that, you know, the people who are most harmed by COVID are Black, and Brown, and API people. We also know that the police continues to kill Black people arbitrarily. The police have now become the judge, the juror, and the executioner.

- Healthcare workers are under attack. What do we do?

- Stand up, fight back.

HONEY MAHOGANY: Our union represents a lot of People of Color who live and work in San Francisco. And so at a time when our nation is-- really, if you think about the fact that Black Lives do matter, and as we go through our budget process we are prioritizing the African American community. We have to acknowledge that a lot of the African American community also has jobs here in city hall. And we shouldn't be cutting those jobs.

PHELICIA JONES: We are the lowest paid. They haven't did anything around Blacks getting fired first. They haven't did anything about Black having longer probationary periods. They haven't did anything about we have the highest medical separations.

- No justice.

- No peace.

- No justice.

-No peace.