San Francisco eases restrictions as cases decline

San Francisco will begin reopening more parts of its economy, including indoor dining, movie theaters and gyms, as California gives seven counties the go-ahead thanks to declining rates of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. (March 2)

Video Transcript

LONDON BREED: It means that this is just the beginning. This is the beginning of a new day for San Francisco. We're in an amazing place. We're not completely where we want to be, but we're better than we have been. So I'm excited.

This is the beginning of a great time in San Francisco. You saved money not buying those plane tickets to go other places. You can enjoy your city right here, right now. The small businesses, the great restaurants, the shops, the incredible vibrancy of Pier 39.

GRANT COLFAX: While we have so many signs of hope, our COVID-19 variants are a concerning factor, and we are monitoring and watching the situation.

LAURIE THOMAS: We're very excited to take this next step into what it really feels like a re-opening March, hopefully to normalcy, which is 25% indoor dining capacity. And this doesn't save our industry. But again, it lets us start to move forward to losing less money, as I like to say.