San Francisco mayor gets vaccine, stresses safety

San Francisco Mayor London Breed was vaccinated against COVID-19 Tuesday. She says some communities, especially Blacks and Latinos, are skeptical of the vaccine and reluctant to get vaccinated, and she wants to show that the vaccine is safe. (March 16)

Video Transcript

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It was important for me to make sure that I not only get this vaccine, but more importantly, that I demonstrate as the leader of the city that it's safe. Because many of the people that I'm talking to, especially those in the African-American community and those in the Latino community, they are concerned. They are nervous. They feel that they don't want to get the vaccine. I've had arguments with friends and others about this vaccine.

So the first thing they say is, well, Mayor, did you get the vaccine yet? And I say, well, I'm going to get it when it's my turn. And it has been my term for some time. Now it's finally time for me to get it. And I'm excited to be getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because it's one and done. But also because the people that are sometimes hardest to reach, there will be challenges getting them to come back for a second appointment. So I want people to know that it's safe. This is going to prevent people from going to the hospital and this is going to prevent people from dying.