3 more Bay Area counties join red reopening tier

San Francisco, Napa and Santa Clara counties are moving into the red tier this week, allowing restaurants, gyms and more to reopen indoors.

Video Transcript

ROB PARKER: Let's open things up safely. Let's do it safely, please.

- San Francisco's Rod Parker pretty much summed up the feeling in the city Monday night, as SF is expected to go into the Red Tier on Wednesday, which would again open indoor dining.

ANDREW ASTABIE: Should have done this already. But there should also be some sort of oversight as to people that aren't following the rules.

- Andre Astabie runs Calzone's Restaurant in North beach, which was closed for eight months during the pandemic. Outdoor dining is happening here. And indoor will be too at 25% capacity if San Francisco goes into the Red Tier, something that is expected to happen and also take place in Santa Clara and Napa Counties on Wednesday.

ANDREW ASTABIE: People are taking it a little more seriously now, although I did talk to a woman just tonight that said she doesn't believe in vaccines or the numbers or pretty much anything. I was like, OK.

- A move to the Red Tier would open San Francisco's gyms at 10%, museums, zoos, and aquariums at 25%, and lift the nighttime curfew currently in place.

TEAGUE KERNAN: If we could go till midnight, fantastic.

PHIL MATIER: It's like a complete change from just a couple of months ago, when we were talking about going in reverse and closing up again. Now there's a worry that we're going to reopen too fast.

- Certainly, a sense of excitement and anticipation on Monday night as to what is likely to be right around the corner.

JACK YAGHUBIAN: The more I can do, the better I feel. I mean, I'm like everybody else, getting kind of tired of this. But I know there's a reason for it.