San Francisco-Base Zumper Setting Up Major Hub In To Miami, Sees It As The Next Technology Hub

CBS4's Hank Tester reports on a San-Francisco CEO who is setting up a major hub in Miami.

Video Transcript

- All right, let's turn to some new information now at 6:00. The push to lure high-tech Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to South Florida is starting to pay off. That's good news for our economy, of course. CBS 4's Hank Tester spoke to a CEO in San Francisco who is all set to get down to business in Miami's Wynwood neighborhood.

HANK TESTER: The Miami mayor has been hustling tech startup developers to come to Miami, targeting California's Silicon Valley. You hear about folks moving this way, and why young companies are locating or looking at locations in South Florida, like, say, Wynwood.

ANTHEMOS GEORGIADES: I'd heard there were some venture capital funds and other entrepreneurs who were setting up camp in Wynwood.

HANK TESTER: The young CEO of Zumper, a San Francisco-based large home rental internet platform, well, he liked what he saw.

ANTHEMOS GEORGIADES: It's a really cool location, and I think it's the kind of innovation and the art side of Wynwood couples really well with entrepreneurs and technology startups who are trying to innovate as well, and it has a really good vibe to it.

HANK TESTER: Game plan: set up a major hub for the Zumper operation, which targets the US and Canada, connecting potential renters with homes, condos, and apartments.

ANTHEMOS GEORGIADES: All good technology companies to position themselves where the talent is going to be in the next two to three years. And we believe a significant number of people are going to work on making Miami a real technology hub, and Zumper wants to be part of it.

HANK TESTER: Zumper looking for 140 or so hires. Tech engineers, marketing experts. They'll work remotely 'til the pandemic picture clears. Zumper's arrival accomplished without any incentive money. Zumper credits the Downtown Development Authority and Mayor Suarez.

ANTHEMOS GEORGIADES: He's very persuasive. And his team at Venture Miami, who are the ones you work with to kind of help ease your move and help set up an office, they're phenomenal.

HANK TESTER: Well, it's kind of interesting. Besides tax advantages for certain companies, the lure to Miami seems to be more about the entrepreneurial atmosphere that's being created here and promoted by local boosters. I'm Hank Tester, CBS 4 News.