San Leandro community rallies against AAPI hate, violence

'EVERY DAY IS A NIGHTMARE': The community says it will keep holding rallies calling out hate, to end the violence.

Video Transcript

- There are so many of us, and we all have so much to give. And we are the story that is America.

CORNELL BARNARD: Organizers say this rally in San Leandro was meant to uplift and celebrate the AAPI community. Reverend Carl Pascual says his family is all for that.

CARL PASCUAL: We're standing out here really to say, hey, you know, we don't want to be afraid. We don't want to have to kind of worry about who we are. We want to be proud of who we are.

CORNELL BARNARD: But many are still worried and afraid.

- Every day is a nightmare. In Oakland, people getting robbed, getting beat up.

CORNELL BARNARD: This recent attack in San Leandro caught on a neighbor's security camera shows an 80-year-old Asian man being knocked to the ground while one of the teen attackers is heard laughing.


In San Leandro alone, police say crimes against the AAPI community were up 300% from 2019 to 2020.

LUIS TORRES: As a department, we're not going to tolerate any-- any hate related crimes here.

CORNELL BARNARD: Many in the AAPI community are looking to California's new attorney general, Rob Bonta, to lead on fighting hate crimes.

ROB BONTA: We have seen members of the AAPI community be yelled at, and spit on, and shoved down, and punched in the face.

CORNELL BARNARD: Bonta says he's prioritizing the protection of AAPI individuals from crime.

ROB BONTA: We also need to make sure that those who commit hate crimes are held accountable, that we are actually identifying and investigating hate crimes as such. To the AAPI community, I say, I see you, I value you, I am you.

CORNELL BARNARD: This community says it will keep holding rallies and keep calling out hate to end the violence.

- Our legislators need to do more, and our organizations and our workplaces need to do more, but so do we.

CORNELL BARNARD: In San Leandro, Cornell Barnard, ABC 7 News.