San Mateo Co. gyms, restaurants reopen indoors

REOPENING CALIFORNIA: San Mateo County has officially moved into the red tier allowing residents to eat in restaurants and workout in gyms.

Video Transcript

- Moving into the red tier means people in Marin and San Mateo counties can eat and work out inside. ABC 7 News reporter Amy Hollyfield is live in Redwood City checking things out. Hi, Amy.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Hi. Good morning [? too, Mossy. ?] Well, sitting outside is a nice option, especially at lunch on a beautiful day like today. But at breakfast this morning, I took a shot of the temperature. It was 46 degrees at 8 o'clock this morning. That can get kind of cold. So the restaurants are now thrilled that they can open their doors and let you get warm inside.

- Make sure you clean up after yourself.

AMY HOLLYFIELD (VOICEOVER): A line of people waited to get inside the 24 Hour Fitness in Redwood City this morning. It's the first time they could work out inside since December 15. Gerald Triplett drove here from Fremont, crossing the Bay so he could work out in a gym.

GERALD TRIPLETT: I have one that's not too far from me, but it's closed.

AMY HOLLYFIELD (VOICEOVER): Gyms in San Mateo and Marin counties can allow in 10% of their capacity because they are now in the red tier of the state's reopening plan. This gym can hold 800 people, so that means they can now allow in 80 at a time. They will leave their outdoor gym in place for now just in case they get shut down again. But members say they were happy to be able to come in this morning.

FRANK HARRIS: I like it. It's nice, you know. Especially, you know, when it's cold in the morning. You know, you gotta be tough to be outside.

AMY HOLLYFIELD (VOICEOVER): Restaurants can also let people inside again. Customers at Breakers Cafe this morning say it feels good.

LARRY VAN HOORNE: It's great, 'cause we've been eating outside, freezing our butts off out there, [? excuse ?] [? me. ?] But no, it's been cold.

AMY HOLLYFIELD (VOICEOVER): The owner says he is happy to bring back his loyal employees. He went from a staff of 15 to 3.

GONZALO ALDANA: Within the next month or so, I'll-- I'll probably be back to like 10 employees. So you know, I had 15, so little by little. We'll see how it goes.

AMY HOLLYFIELD (VOICEOVER): He's been through this before, so he knows he could be shut down again. But this time he has hope that it will be different.

GONZALO ALDANA: You know, we've been waiting for this day especially, now with the vaccine out. And the tiers are going to mean a lot more now.

AMY HOLLYFIELD: Restaurants can only allow in 25% of their capacity, so they still will rely on these outdoor areas. They do expect their indoor area, what little they can open up to, to fill up pretty quickly, especially on the weekends, and especially as more and more people get vaccinated.

Live in Redwood City, Amy Hollyfield, ABC 7 News.