Sanitation workers rescue family from burning apartment

The intersection of New Utrecht Avenue and 68th Street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn is where Febles and George Lesiaine turned into superheroes. The city workers, never trained as FDNY fire and rescue, yet they did it like pros.

Video Transcript

- Two sanitation department workers were going about their jobs collecting trash when suddenly they heard cries for help from a burning building. Eye Witness News to put a dollar Myles has more on how they jumped into action.

- You think you win every day would just be garbage truck but in these streets, you see everything.

- This is what two veteran sanitation workers saw last Saturday morning, a flaming red second floor apartment fire. Not much out of the ordinary about that, but the situation was different.

- When we pulled up to the corner, though the smoke was billowing out the building, but what kind of caught our attention was the lady screaming help.

- That corner, the intersection of new Utrecht Avenue and 68th Street in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, where George Lesaine and Robert Febles turned into superheroes. The city workers never trained as FDNY fire and rescue did it like pro's.

- Nighttime in conversations like me and my partner just like locked eyes, just like we know what to do.

- Simultaneously like we just jolted out of the truck and ran up to the lady.

- I asked, is anybody up there and she said, someone save my mother. Just ran and it was just dark. That's all I can remember.

- First, they helped a young mother and her two children out but the grandmother was still inside.

- I guess she was trying to get out but the way she was just reaching, she grabbed on to me, I grabbed onto her end, and we got to the door.

- Out the door safe and sound. All in a day's work for these un-caped crusaders.

- After that we just completed our out like a regular day.

- We got the best job in the city New York City Department of Sanitation. They take care of us and our community. They love us. We take care of them. They take care of us. It's incredible.