Santa Ana Winds Return To SoCal, Increasing Fire Concerns

Santa Ana winds moved back into the Southland Tuesday, bringing with them an increased risk of fire danger.

Video Transcript

- Powerful winds are back, and we felt those across the Inland Empire today. But those breezy conditions didn't keep folks from enjoying that warm spring weather. Really nice outside.

- Yeah, it really is. Let's check in now with KCAL9 meteorologist Markina Brown. Hey, Markina.

MARKINA BROWN: Hey there, guys. Good afternoon. Yeah, we haven't seen anything yet. We've got winds that are going to pick up even more, especially as we head toward tomorrow. And with that, we are talking about warmer temperatures as we get into not only tomorrow but into Thursday as well.

So here's what's going on. We've got Santa Ana wind events coming our way, and with that as I said the warming trend will happen. Strongest and most widespread winds will happen as we get into Wednesday. We could see winds gusting up to about 50 miles an hour in some places.

It will be warm and dry and of course, the low humidity. That will mean an elevated fire danger for us.

So here's a look at what's going on with the wind advisories. Just about everybody is under this advisory until about 3 o'clock. As you go further south in parts of Orange County, that's when that advisory is in effect until noon on Wednesday. So again, very gusty, very warm.

But how long will it last, and what should you expect temperature-wise as we get into the weekend? We'll talk about that for you coming up in just a little bit. Until then, back to you.

- Sounds good, Markina. Thanks.