Santa Clara and Alameda Counties Make Changes to COVID Vaccine Procedure For Those Age 16 and Over

Liz Cook reports on changes around the Bay Area in how those 16 and up will sign up for or actually receive COVID vaccines (4-7-2021)

Video Transcript

LIZ COOK: Now, to Lebanon streaming on CBS and Bay Area-- breaking news. In less than an hour, Santa Clara County will allow everyone 16 and over to begin booking vaccine appointments. And Alameda County will now administer vaccines to people 16 and older in 12 hard-hit zip codes located in Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro, and San Lorenzo.

Now, actually getting an appointment could be a whole other matter. California will receive much less of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines next week compared to previous shipments. The state's total vaccine allotment for next week is about two million doses-- that's 367,000 fewer than this week. California is expanding eligibility to everyone 16 and older next Thursday.