Santa Fe police arrest teen accused of brandishing firearm at Walmart

Aug. 22—Santa Fe police on Monday arrested 19-year-old Marvin Jimenez-Perez, who evaded officers several times in recent weeks, including during an hourslong manhunt Thursday at a south-side mobile home park.

Jimenez-Perez, who had four active arrest warrants, was spotted by police Monday afternoon in Santa Fe, according to a criminal complaint filed in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court. He was taken into custody by city SWAT team officers who first shot him with a rubber bullet.

Jimenez-Perez was booked in the Santa Fe County jail Monday evening.

Attempts by police to arrest him began Aug. 16, when employees of the Walmart at 3251 Cerrillos Road reported a man who had brandished a firearm Aug. 8 was back in the store.

Officers attempted to stop him that day as he fled from the store parking lot in a maroon Chrysler 300, police said in a news release, but they did not pursue him because he was driving recklessly.

Later that day, police went to the Cottonwood Village mobile home park on Cypress Street in response to a report of a man brandishing a firearm in a road-rage incident.

Officers confirmed the suspect was driving the same Chrysler 300 that had fled from Walmart, a news release said, adding, "police engaged in a pursuit, but officers were unable to apprehend the suspect."

Police encountered Jimenez-Perez again the next day after returning to Cottonwood Village, where he lives, for a follow-up investigation. However, he again eluded officers, the news release said. He ran from officers and was accused of brandishing a firearm at them twice during the chase.

Police urged residents in the mobile home park to shelter in place as they conducted a search for Jimenez-Perez that included the use of a drone.

Students and staff at El Camino Real Academy and Ramirez Thomas Elementary School also sheltered in place in response to the department's announcement.

Jimenez-Perez faces three new charges after his arrest Monday: battery on a peace officer; resisting, evading or obstructing an officer; and concealing identity. His past charges include two counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer, possession of a controlled substance and motor vehicle theft.

Police spotted him walking with a woman on the sidewalk near Denny's off Cerrillos Road, the criminal complaint says. SWAT team officers then arrived to make an arrest. Jimenez-Perez ran away from the officers, but one shot him in the back with a 40-mm rubber bullet, causing the teen to fall to the ground on a median.

While police were placing Jimenez-Perez in handcuffs, the complaint states, he bit an officer on the pinky finger and "stated his name was 'Evert' and nothing else."