Santa Monica's Pacific Park opens with rides

Just in time for a pleasantly warm holiday weekend, Santa Monica's Pacific Park has opened back up with rides after a year.

Video Transcript

- And today's warm weather is the perfect excuse to head down to Santa Monica's Pacific Park.

- Yeah, the mini amusement park on the pier is finally back open this weekend. Eyewitness News reporter, Leticia Juarez, live in Santa Monica with what we can expect if you're heading down there. Hi, Leticia.

LETICIA JUAREZ: Well, good morning to you, John and Rachel. Yes, the iconic Santa Monica Pier Pacific Ferris Wheel is now back open to the public so that you can take a ride up there and have a sweeping view of the Pacific Ocean here in Santa Monica. And all the other rides will soon be opening up as well. We just saw them doing a little test run of the roller coaster there.

Now, it's been a year since Pacific Park shut its rides and operations down amid COVID-19 concerns, but it will resume its rides in alignment with other amusement parks in Los Angeles County that are reopening, and just in time for the Easter holiday weekend.

Under COVID-19 safety guidelines, Pacific Park will, of course, limit its guests entering the park so that people can adhere to social distancing measures. All guests coming in will have to wear a mask, and the number of people per ride will also be limited and spaced out. Now, the normally ungated amusement park will have a temporary fence around it to control the number of people coming in and out of the area, and all visitors are encouraged to go online to buy tickets for the attractions here.

Now, we're just seeing a trickle of people coming in right now, but we're expecting that at 11 o'clock, once the park is officially open, you're going to see people coming in-- maybe even people who don't know it's yet open-- and getting their first ride up in that Ferris wheel or roller coaster. I'll see if I can maybe even get my own ride. I didn't buy a ticket online, but maybe I can just do it on my phone real quick and get on up there.