Santa's Village Offering College Students Free Housing In Effort To Attract Seasonal Employees

Santa’s Village, a popular amusement park in New Hampshire, is offering college students free housing and utilities for the summer in an attempt to attract seasonal workers.

Video Transcript

- Help wanted at Santa's Village. The Christmas-themed amusement park in New Hampshire is gearing up for a busy summer season. The park is taking on its hiring challenge by offering students a unique perk, free housing. Santa's Village is looking for 15 to 18 full-time seasonal workers, and so it's targeting college students. But managers say it's not always easy to afford housing anywhere, so three park-owned units will be offered to the workers. They include utilities and Wi-Fi.

JIM MILLER: They are shared rooms and some common kitchens and living spaces, so it's almost a little bit of an apartment style, and it's the style of living I think that, you know, college-age students are used to and enjoy. And we know that a lot of college students didn't get that experience this past year, and they were doing a lot of remote learning. So this actually may be an opportunity for them to do a little something different this year.

- Yeah, sounds like fun. You can apply for the jobs online at David?