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Sarah Cooper of Trump lip-syncing fame has her 1st comedy special

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Comedian Sarah Cooper, whose star rose seemingly overnight after she started lip-syncing President Trump quotes, now has her own comedy special. (Oct. 26)

Video Transcript

KAREN JUNE DILLARD: I'd appreciate it if you got Sarah for me. Thank you.

SARAH COOPER: I'm Sarah Cooper.

KAREN JUNE DILLARD: I didn't say Sierra, honey. I said Sarah.

SCOOTER: That is Sarah Cooper.

SARAH COOPER: I'm Sara Cooper, the host of the show.

KAREN JUNE DILLARD: You're Sarah Cooper?



SARAH COOPER: I was just getting my makeup done, and Jane Lynch, like, pops her head in to say hi. And I'm like, Jane Lynch. Jane Lynch is here-- [CHUCKLING] --you know. Because "Best in Show" is one of my favorite films. And I almost started crying and, like, ruining my makeup, because I love her so much.

But it's like, you just got to keep it together. So it was just, like-- I was just constantly like, keep it together, keep it together. Like, you're in a scene with Tommy Davidson, but keep it together, you know.

KAREN JUNE DILLARD: I need to see some kind of a permit that shows me that you're allowed to be on the premises.

SARAH COOPER: It was like whiplash. It was like my brain was like, is this happening? Am I in bed with Jon Hamm right now? [LAUGHING] And I was like, what's going on? And I just had to turn that voice off, because I was, like, no, this is actually happening. And I'm-- you know, there's a camera in my face. And I need to actually say my lines now.

- 9-1-1, what's your emergency?

KAREN JUNE DILLARD: This is Karen June Dillard.


KAREN JUNE DILLARD: I am with a person, and my gut tells me she is up to no good.


SCOOTER: can't hear anything. I've got my gloves on.

SARAH COOPER: I wanted it to be something that spoke to what we were all experiencing this year, just the feeling of, like, sort of pretending that this is OK, when none of this is OK. So I want it to have that feeling. I wanted it to be funny. That was like the number one thing. I just wanted people to laugh.

KAREN JUNE DILLARD: Now, she's destroying my property!

SARAH COOPER: This is my property.