White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Out

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    3-1/2 years???? Didn't she become Press Secretary after replacing Spicer in 2017 or is tRump counting her time as part of his campaign?
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    Silo Milo
    Sarah, good luck explaining to your 3 kids what you have done when they read about you and Trump in textbooks. Nice legacy...
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    She hasn't had a DAILY press briefing in 3 months.... And she's never uttered a single word of truth on the few days she did decide to do her job.
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    Don't you actually have to hold press conferences to be able to call yourself a press secretary?
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    She must have made a mistake and told the truth somewhere ... anyone have a link?
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    I can't imagine where the White House will find a press secretary as charming, as personable, and as beautiful a person as I almost made it all the way through without laughing, I really did.
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    Loyalty over logic, day-in, day-out. Of course Donny loves her.
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    Without question, the worst press secretary in recent American political history...period. When a Press secretary admits to speaking untruths at the WH podium ( for any President ) .. it's time to go.
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    Doubt they can find anyone worse but everyday is a surprise party.
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    'Trump confirmed Sanders’ departure in tweets on Thursday, saying the press secretary would be leaving her post by the end of the month and returning to her home state of Arkansas."........If the toothbrush had not been invented in Arkansas, it would've been called a teethbrush.