Sarasota Police Officers Rescue Dog From Hot Car

The dog's owner was cited for animal cruelty

Video Transcript

KARLI BARNETT: Welcome back. A dog in Sarasota probably owes its life to two police officers after they rescued it from a hot car. The officers were called to a parking lot after residents said the doors of the car were locked and the window was extremely hot to touch. As time went by, the dog tried to find any type of shade in the car eventually hiding under the steering wheel with no owner in sight. The officers did what they had to do to save the pup.

- I think we should break it, at least get some air flow through there.

- Yeah, you need to.

OFC. MATTHEW GROCHOWSKI: You know, after we broke the vehicle, the temperature right inside after we even had some air flown was 115 degrees. So those patrons were the ones that really kind of helped us find this dog and save that dog's, probably, life.

KARLI BARNETT: 115 degrees. Officers say this should serve as a reminder to anyone not to leave pets inside cars even if it's just for a few minutes. They also say if you see a dog or a child locked inside of a car, you need to call police immediately. As for the dog's owner, he was cited for animal cruelty.