Sarwar hopes for ‘extravaganza’ of climate events ahead of Cop26

Scotland should host an “extravaganza of climate justice” events in the lead up to Cop26, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has said. The UN climate summit will take place in Glasgow in November, bringing more than 100 countries together to plan how environmental problems can be tackled.

Video Transcript

ANAS SARWAR: Well, we want to focus on our national recovery through this election campaign but also want our parliament to focus on our national recovery over the course of the next parliament. And a key part of that has to be a climate recovery plan. We have to recognize we're confronting a climate emergency where our planet is at risk and the planet for future generations is at risk.

So we are doubling down on our commitment on net zero by 2045. We think we can have every home energy efficient, at least grade C by 2030. And we want to have a green jobs revolution across the country so we can create the new economy for the future. And we're saying directly to people, if you care about the environment, if you don't want to go back to the old argument, and you want to confront the climate emergency then you can vote Labor in this election.

You raise an excellent point, as this requires international cooperation. It requires us to have internationalism where we look outwards and build those relationships, not looking inwards and just focusing on what's happening in our own nation. That means us working together across the UK. It also means us building those relationships internationally. And I want to take that opportunity in November when it comes to Cop26.

In terms of what we can do by leading by example in the Scottish Parliament, is we have an opportunity with Cop in November, and as lockdown starts to ease and our country starts to open up again, is to have our own extravaganza of climate justice plans across the whole of the country where we engage young people, where we engage families, and we actually have events across the country to make people understand how serious this is, and make that opportunity to build those relationships, and have hopefully a good agreement when we come back in November.