Sasha Grey Calls Russian Social Network Post Using Her Photo "Propaganda"

Sasha Grey was enraged by the use of her photo in an apparent fake news post related to the armed conflict in East Ukraine between Ukraine's government forces and pro-Russian separatists.

A photo of Grey was used in a post on Russian social network VKontakte, the local equivalent of Facebook, to accompany a supposed sob story that went viral.

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The story claimed that a nurse named Sasha Serova, who was with pro-Russian separatists in East Ukraine, was captured by Ukrainian military forces, who then filmed themselves "humiliating" her before chopping her body up with an ax. Some observers quickly noted that Serova is Russian for "Grey," and that no video of the alleged atrocity was presented.

Numerous news reports on both sides of the conflict have accused the other side of brutalities against civilians.

"I <3 my Russian fans, but this propaganda takes it too far," Grey said on her Twitter account after finding out about the VKontakte post. "News that I was a NURSE killed in the Russian/Ukraine conflict." She added the hashtag #fuckpropoganda.

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"People are losing family members & BS outlets mock the deceased with Fappery like this," Grey said in another Twitter post.

Although not a huge star in Russia, the former porn actress known for her multiepisode arc in HBO hit show Entourage, has a following in Russia. Two years ago, she came to Russia to take part in a promotional drive from the far eastern city of Vladivostok to Moscow.