Sashi Brown decries “rash of change” in Cleveland

Michael David Smith

Sashi Brown didn’t get much time to turn the Browns around. He’d like to see what will happen if anyone ever does.

Brown, who was put in charge of the Browns’ personnel department in 2016 and fired in 2017, told the Akron Beacon Journal that he wants the Browns to pick a leader in their front office and stick with him.

I hope they get the time to do it and that there’s true alignment throughout the building and some conviction and what I would say the organizational faith that maybe hasn’t been there across some of the rash of change that’s been spinning around here for the better part of the last decade,” Brown told the Akron Beacon Journal.

One thing that hasn’t changed in Cleveland is that Paul DePodesta continues to play a big part in shaping the franchise. Brown says he thinks DePodesta is up to the task.

“I talk to a number of folks around the league, including Paul,” Brown said. “Paul’s extremely talented, he’s really bright. I would trust a lot of things to him, certainly an NFL franchise would be one.”

It hasn’t worked so far for DePodesta, who’s been with the Browns four years. But Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is sticking with DePodesta, perhaps indicating that he doesn’t want too much change in his front office.