Satellite Captures Destruction on Snake Island Following Russian Withdrawal

Satellite imagery released by Maxar Technologies on Thursday, June 30, shows damage to parts of Snake Island, a Ukrainian island in the Black Sea, following the withdrawal of Russian forces from the area.

On Thursday morning, Ukrainian Armed Forces released an image showing visible smoke plumes on the island, also known as Zmiinyi Island, saying they launched an assault on Russian forces the previous night.

Images from Maxar Technologies show smoke wafting from several locations across the northern section of the island. Image 2, included as a color infrared view, highlights recently burned areas in black/gray, while non-burned vegetation appears in shades of red/pink, Maxar said.

On Thursday, Russian state media said the withdrawal was a “gesture of goodwill." But military analysts in Kyiv said Russia’s presence on the island had become untenable due to Ukrainian attacks on Russian supply lines, according to news reports. Credit: Maxar Technologies via Storyful

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