Satirical Article Published In 'The Village' Leaves Greenwood Village Residents, Asian American Community Outraged

Residents and the Asian American community outraged at a satirical article published in The Villager earlier this month say it is offensive and racist, calling on the publisher to issue an apology.

Video Transcript

- A newspaper out of Greenwood Village is facing backlash after publishing a satirical article on April Fool's Day that members of the Asian-American community say is racist.

- The article in "The Villager" describes a made up project that would bring hundreds of Chinese immigrants to the area. The story was published as our country is seeing an uptick in hate crimes against Asian-Americans. The "New York Times" reports more than 110 cases of race-based violence since the pandemic began. Tonight, Shawn Chitnis with more on that newspaper controversy.

SHAWN CHITNIS: "The Villager" has been in this community for almost 40 years. And in the past, it has published satirical articles for April Fool's Day. But longtime residents and members of the Asian-American community say this isn't humorous, and it couldn't have come at a worse time.

CORAL EBY: This community is much more diverse than it was before. We should be embracing that and celebrating that rather than taking it down.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Coral Eby has lived in and near Greenwood Village for 25 years. She's seen articles in "The Villager" are all her life, but couldn't believe what people were sharing on social media this week.

CORAL EBY: A lot of different negative stereotypes about the Asian community that were perpetuated through this. And we live in a time right now where Asian community-- the Asian community's already sort of living in fear in light of current events.

SHAWN CHITNIS: The article dreams up a new amusement park coming near these well-known condo towers and retail neighborhood. It suggests Chinese construction workers will be immigrating to Greenwood Village. Hotels will need to make room for families and serve more Asian- appropriate food, and Chinese students will be enrolling in local schools.

GIL ASAKAWA: A, it's not funny. And B, it's-- it's racist.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Cherry Creek Schools and its superintendent are mentioned by name. The district sent a letter to parents this week condemning the article.

GIL ASAKAWA: This is going on and that it's not right. I do feel like the media shouldn't be in the business of perpetuating these kinds of stereotypes.

SHAWN CHITNIS: Eby hopes Asian-Americans are given more credit for their contributions.

CORAL EBY: We live in a community that's thrived in large part because there is a big Asian-American community here, and that's something to be respected and something to be valued.

SHAWN CHITNIS: "The Villager" sent a statement to CBS 4 that says, in part, that it did not intend to insult or offend anyone, especially the Asian community. The statement goes on to say "The Villager" will continue to support all ethnicities in light of recent events and attacks on Asians. The paper sincerely regrets any insensitivities in the April Fool's spoof. Reporting in Greenwood Village, Shawn Chitnis, Covering Colorado First.