Saturday Evening Weather

16 WAPT meteorologist Christopher Pipkin has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Video Transcript

CHRISTOPHER PIPKIN: Nice and beautiful sunshine to start off on this Memorial Day weekend. Saturday a lot of appreciated sunshine too, because if we don't get that sunshine today, we would not have gotten to those lower 80s. That was the high so far today, 80 degrees. Way up there and towards northern Mississippi, they didn't even get out of the 60s, because they had that cloud coverage all today. So we are fairly lucky.

But that doesn't mean that we still don't place in the top 10 coolest days for this day, on May 29 is 2021 10th place, 80 degrees. And then of course this isn't the coolest day we've had. 1907 actually tops that, that's 70 degrees for the coolest high for this day. Temperatures though now are sitting fairly comfortably into those 70s. 79 degrees here in Jackson.

A few clouds way off towards our east out there, but mostly it's a sunny day now, as we start to continue this evening on this Memorial Day weekend. A lot of us sitting into the 70s. And look up there towards Belzoni, the few more cloud coverage up there, towards Belzoni-- [INAUDIBLE] down into those upper 60s, so a little bit cooler.

The more south you go, the more warmer it is. But the one thing that's for sure is we are under a lot of humid air right now. And that is some good news, because if we did have that humid air, it would feel like a different story out there. We've got a high pressure over us, thanks to that cold front from yesterday. And that high pressure continued to push off towards the east.

It's going to pull up some more humidity though, as we get another system in here by midweek, way off towards our northwest. Rain chances will be on the increase, but that humid air will be something that will be noticeable coming into your Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week. For tonight though, we're going to get to those mid 50s.

A cool May night in store for us. The coolest night that we've had on record is actually 50 degrees, set in 1906. But here is the temperatures for tomorrow. We're going to bounce nicely, coming in on the reservoir. If you're going out there, it's going to be a nice day.

Temperatures quickly warm back up into those 70s, and then coming into the lower 80s by the evening time hours. Beautiful conditions to talk about. So if you do have outdoor plans, it's going to be a nice evening for you at that. For Monday though, Memorial Day, it's going to be nice out there too, into those mid 80s, and a few clouds start to increase and warm up that temperature just a bit for your Memorial Day forecast.

But notice, we really don't have any rain to talk about, that is, until Wednesday. And then we start to increase the rain chances. But temperatures staying into those mid 80s Thursday, Friday, Saturday. We're staying into those mid 80s. And then we start to see that straight shower chance continuing off throughout next weekend.