Saturday Sessions: Robert Finley performs “Country Child"

Soul and blues singer Robert Finley joins this week’s Saturday Sessions. Later this month, he'll release his third album, the autobiographical "Sharecropper's Son," produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys. Performing from Nashville, here is Finley with "Country Child."

Video Transcript


ROBERT FINLEY (SINGING): I'm a down-home country boy, misunderstood.

Always had old folks say that boy ain't gonna be no good.

Had my own way of trying to understand.

Trying to make it in this messed up world.

I'm doing the best I can.

Can't stand drive by a cotton field.

It still hurt my back.

Every time I pass by a cotton field, I think about pulling that sack.

Moved to the city.

But I'm country-raised.

Living in the heart of the city, but I still got my country ways.

- Gonna catch me a Greyhound and go back home.

Trying to make it with these city girls.

They all keep doing their own.

Gonna find me a country girl and live my lifestyle.

Me and her are going to settle down and raise us a country child.

It's hard moving sudden, to make a sudden change.

Moving from the country to the city, everything seems so strange.

I find these country girls look at you and give you a country smile.

But these city girls, they just look at me.

And they just walk on by.

I don't understand.

They ain't worth it.

I got 15 dollars, and it's all in ones.

I gotta pocket full of money.

I want to spend it on you, honey.

Come on now, here, gal. Let me buy you one of these hot dogs.

Hold the mustard on mine.

I gotta go home.