Saturday's letters: Wrong place for adult circus, DeSantis right governor, wasting money

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A contortionist performs in Cirque Italia.
A contortionist performs in Cirque Italia.

(Editor's note: The following letter was updated on May 23 to correct the name of the circus production approved by the Manatee County Planning Commission. The name of the circus production was misidentified in the original version of the letter.)

Don’t allow R-rated circus in East Manatee

A week ago, I received a notice in the mail about an R-rated circus being proposed in Oneco. The next day I read that the Paranormal Cirque had been approved by the Manatee County Planning Commission.

This gave us no time to put in our objections. We do not want an R-rated circus in Oneco. Why call it a circus when kids under 17 have to be accompanied by an adult?

This will bring in crime like you would not believe.

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In addition, the way the state designed State Road 70, there is no way to get into that property unless you are coming from the east. Coming from any other direction it would mean going east and having to turn around at some point.

Traffic is bad enough on S.R. 70 without having vehicles lined up to do turnarounds. Someone is getting a kickback for approving this monstrosity.

Ruth Newsome, Bradenton

Wasting taxpayers’ money at Benderson Park

The Sarasota County Commission has decided to dedicate $20 million of tax revenue to Nathan Benderson Park. This money will be used to build a boathouse and indoor sports complex.

Are you kidding me? With all the challenging issues that our area is facing, the commission’s top priority is a boathouse and sports complex? Wow!

These two items shouldn’t even be on a list of the top 100 things that this county and its hardworking citizens deserve and need!

Tom Allman, Sarasota

DeSantis was right choice for governor

As we approach another election for Florida governor, it’s appropriate to recall the last election, when Democrat Andrew Gillum lost by 0.4%!

Luckily for Florida, the right choice was made.

Gov. Ron DeSantis made the right decisions during COVID, keeping Florida open, allowing businesses to prosper, continuing the education of our children, eliminating mask mandates, allowing people to live freely and making Florida the place to live.

And look what it has done for the growth of Florida’s housing market as many Northerners can’t wait to leave their high-tax, high-crime cities, which kept children out of school while driving critical race theory in their education.

Anyone reading this paper would never know the accomplishments of DeSantis, because almost every day there are negative articles about him.

Yet think what Florida would be under Gillum had he won? Florida would be a bleak place, with lockdowns, shutdowns and mandates, as demonstrated by most Democrat-controlled states.

Look at what the Democrats have done for the country: high inflation, open borders, high crime in cities, Afghanistan withdrawal disaster and failing to eliminate COVID.

DeSantis continues to be decisive in leading Florida through difficult times to a bright future. Thank you, Gov. DeSantis!

Kenneth Lakich, Lakewood Ranch

Repeal and replace Second Amendment

Morbid indeed, but I think it’s time we change the format of the evening news to accommodate a daily segment for shootings. Perhaps we could slot it between the weather and sports.

The Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. For originalists, recall it was not part of the original Constitution but conceived of afterward to support the formation of state militias – today’s National Guard – in case the English attacked us.

At that time, firearms consisted of muskets and flintlock pistols. For readers unfamiliar with those, just watch some old movies and you’ll get it. They fire about one bullet per minute, at best.

Some people feel that because lawmakers could not foresee our modern-day weapons, such weapons should be protected by extension. That’s a misguided view.

In 1791, lawmakers likely weren’t foreseeing assault rifles or flamethrowers, so I can see why some people feel that a prohibition on the possession of such weapons would infringe their Second Amendment rights. After all, it’s arguable they could be used for hunting. I suppose the killer in Buffalo was hunting.

It’s time to repeal and replace the Second Amendment.

Jeff Lombard, Sarasota

No allowance for COVID at Holland America

A reader wrote a letter May 18 detailing more than 100 COVID cases on a Cunard cruise. Passengers were not informed of the infections or offered rebates (“COVID cruise a horrible experience”).

Earlier, we canceled a Holland America cruise, presenting a physician’s letter advising us not to take the cruise. (Holland America and Cunard are owned by Carnival.)

The company would not cancel without penalty, despite a letter and phone messages, and emails to the CEO and customer service.

We are “Four Star Mariners,” the next to highest level of HAL customers, and about 90 years old.

We lost more than $1,000 and another $400 from a referred trip cancellation policy, which claimed that we were not covered since we were not “sick.”

I am no longer sailing with any Carnival company.

Ed Martin, Venice

This article originally appeared on Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Wrong place for adult circus, wasting $20 million at Benderson Park