Saudi Arabia appears to be building its own ballistic missiles with China's help, report says

  • CNN reported that US intelligence believes Saudi Arabia is developing its own ballistic missiles.

  • It said intelligence found recent transfers of missile technology between China and Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudi Arabia has foreign-made ballistic missiles, but is not believed to have made its own before.

US intelligence agencies believe Saudi Arabia is building its own ballistic missiles with Chinese technology, CNN reported, citing people familiar with the findings.

CNN reported, citing its sources, that US intelligence showed multiple exchanges of ballistic-missile technology between the two countries.

Saudi Arabia is known to possess foreign-made ballistic missiles, but was not believed to have made its own before, CNN reported.

CNN also published satellite images showing a complex near Dawadmi, a town 200 miles from the capital Riyadh, that appeared to be manufacturing missiles.

Saudi Arabia and neighboring Iran, which also owns missiles, are bitter enemies. The US has been trying to negotiate a new agreement to halt Iran's nuclear development.

Neither the White House nor the Saudi embassy in Washington, DC, immediately responded to Insider's request for comment. The CIA declined to comment.

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