Saudi Arabia unveils attack site damage

Pipes melted and towers scorched.

The damage that's been left by attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

A strike which both the kingdom and the United States blame on Iran.

Reporters were taken to inspect the site on Friday (September 20) - where equipment is visibly burnt.

Saudi's Aramco production plants in both Khurais and Abqaiq were targeted.

Saudi authorities say the Khurais site was hit by four missiles, but are confident full production will be resumed by the end of September.

The attack, which halved oil output from Saudi Arabia, marks the worst on Gulf oil infrastructure in almost three decades.

Iran has denied responsibility, and vowed wide retaliation should heightened tensions boil over into hostility.

Initially, Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen claimed responsibility.

But Gulf diplomats are skeptical of that given the sophistication and scale of the attacks, which involved drones and low-flying missiles, according to Saudi officials.

This week, the war of words between the U.S., its Gulf allies and Iran escalated.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called the attacks an "act of war" and President Donald Trump ordered more - unspecified - sanctions on Iran.

They maintain that the U.S. wants a peaceful solution to the crisis, though.

Iran has warned President Trump against being dragged into a war in the Middle East.

And said it would meet any offensive action with a crushing response.