A sauna in a museum? Welcome to Tokyo's teamLab

A sauna in an art museum.

That’s just one of the features in the latest immersive experience thought up by Japan’s popular ‘TeamLab’ collective.

The Tokyo-based digital art group -- made up of engineers, artists, and architects -- transformed an empty lot in the city's glitzy Roppongi district over the last year.

They erected a massive tent housing the sauna rooms and three immersive art installations.

including a wall of flower petals that burst into a thousand fragments.

Hundreds of butterflies darted around a screen of tiny water particles.

And a huge ball that turns from red to purple levitating in the air

Takashi Kudo is the TeamLab Communication Director

"Nobody goes to an art museum in this fashion because art is art and sauna is a sauna. But what we wanted to try is to combine and try to (offer a) very different experience and a very different experience of this art. That is a unique point."

TeamLab wants to create an experience that speaks to all of the visitors' senses.

The installations impact touch, sound, and even smells with roasted green tea and white birch being added to the saunas.