Savannah Guthrie says her New Year's resolution was inspired by Hoda Kotb

It's the end of the year and the TODAY anchors and hosts have shared their holiday traditions, expressed their holiday hot takes and summed up their 2022 in just one word. Now, they're looking forward to what they want to accomplish in 2023.

Some anchors say resolutions aren't their thing. Others find that setting a goal for the year is easy when your co-anchor is sitting next to you, inspiring you as you go.

We asked the TODAY anchors and hosts for their New Year's resolutions, and here's what they're hoping to achieve in 2023.

Savannah Guthrie

Savannah tells she doesn't normally make New Year's resolutions, but is trying one out this year. Her 2023 resolution was inspired by none other than Hoda Kotb.

"I really want to use my journal more," Savannah says. "Hoda puts us all to shame with her wonderful practices, she's so disciplined. But she inspires me because she talks about it a lot."

2022 Broadcasting & Cable Hall Of Fame (Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images)
2022 Broadcasting & Cable Hall Of Fame (Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images)

Savannah shared she started journaling more toward the end of 2022, and realized how much she gets out of it, "emotionally and spiritually."

"The way I write in my journal, it's kind of like a conversation with God and it's in a way, it's my prayer. It's like written prayers," she says. "So I just really would like to get back into that habit. I have years of journals sitting in the basement somewhere, but I kind of fell out of it."

She explains having kids and the early wake up call for the show has led her to experiment with journaling at different times during the day.

"I'm a morning person and I like to do that kind of thing — my reflections, my devotions, my prayers and my journal writing — in the morning because I think it's when you're fresh. I think it sets the tone for the day," she says. "So that is my goal. I've tried it a little, (setting) the alarm a little early, and it's hard to do."

She adds she is trying to be flexible with the timing, and the frequency of her entries, so she doesn't get discouraged from her goal.

"What I'm going to try to do is not give myself a direction that I have to do it at a certain time. I just have to do it. And maybe I don't have to do it every single day. Maybe I can't keep up with that," she says. "But just to do it a few times a week and hopefully find a pattern and a practice that works for this phase of life that I'm in."

Hoda Kotb

Nathan Congleton / TODAY
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Hoda tells her New Year's resolution was inspired by a quote from Brene Brown: "Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind."

"My New Year's resolution is to to always be clear," she says. "Just to do everything with intention and clarity, so people know exactly what you mean when you say something."

Carson Daly

Image: Today - Season 71 (Nathan Congleton / TODAY / NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)
Image: Today - Season 71 (Nathan Congleton / TODAY / NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Carson tells his goal for 2023 is “really about my back” and to get back in physical shape. Carson, who has suffered from decades of back pain after a snowmobile accident in the 1990s, had an Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) procedure in late August. He spent seven weeks recovering from the spinal fusion procedure before he returned to the show pain-free for the first time in decades.

"It’s been a year of my spine fusing on the heels of the surgery and I’ve been very immobile,” Carson says. “I’m actually constructing a health and wellness center in my house right now that combines physical and mental health.”

“So my New Year’s resolution is to really double down on on both my physical and mental health,” he continues. “On the heels of this surgery, I have a lot of rehab to do and I need to get back to being active.”

Jenna Bush Hager

“This year I actually said a New Year’s resolution to Hoda,” Jenna tells “Now I forgot what it was. What did I say? I said it on the show.”

After thinking for a few seconds, it came to her: “My New Year’s resolution is just to be more present with my kids.”

Jenna shares three children — Mila, 9, Poppy, 7, and Hal, 3 — with her husband, Henry Hager.

Mila shared some secrets about her mother on the show earlier this month, including that she once had to change her pajamas after laughing so hard she peed her pants, and that her mom often does not wear underwear.

Dylan Dreyer

“I’m so bad at New Year’s resolutions,” Dylan tells “I always say I’m going to stop biting my nails and I never do, so I’ll try again this year and say, I’m going to stop biting my nails.”

Nathan Congleton / TODAY
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Craig Melvin

Craig's New Year's resolution is short and sweet: "I would like to spend more time with my family."

Craig has two children, Delano, 8, and Sybil, 6, with his wife, Lindsay Czarniak.

Willie Geist

Image: Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist - Season 36 (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)
Image: Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist - Season 36 (Nathan Congleton / TODAY)

Willie tells he wants to read more in 2023.

"I'd like to read more for pleasure, that's my New Year's resolution," he says. "I'm so deep in work stuff, I just want to read a good book more often and I don't do it enough."

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