Save $120 per year and annoy your cable company with this $59 purchase at Amazon

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Is there anyone at all out there who is somehow still confused as to why millions of people these days are cutting the cord by ditching pay TV? The answer couldn’t be any simpler. In fact, it really all boils down to one word: money. People are so sick and tired of how much cable companies have been charging for pay TV all these years, especially when a huge chunk of that monthly expense shouldn’t be your responsibility in the first place.

That’s right, you’re forced to pay for dozens or even hundreds of channels that you never watch and never will. Imagine you found out half of your monthly bill for cell phone service was due to the high cost of calls to Papua New Guinea, and you have to pay despite the fact that you don’t personally make any calls to Papua New Guinea at all. Would that be fair?

It goes without saying that cable companies are missing out on so much money due to cord-cutting. That means the last thing your cable company wants is for us to tell you about an easy way to save even more money on your monthly bill. That’s not going to stop us though, so get ready to start saving some cash every single year thanks to one simple $59 purchase at Amazon.

Are you using a cable modem that was given to you by your internet service provider? If so, you’re probably paying a monthly rental fee for that modem.

You might not even realize it, but take a look at your most recent bill, you’ll probably see an $8 or $10 charge on there for the modem. That monthly fee adds up to either $96 or $120 each year that you’re spending unnecessarily because cable companies are now required to let you use your own cable modem. And once you get your own modem, that monthly rental fee will disappear from your bill as soon as you send your old modem back to your cable company.

As far as which modem you should choose, there are a bunch of popular options out there that work with every single major cable internet provider like Comcast/Xfinity, Charter/Time Warner Cable/Spectrum, Optimum/Altice, RCN, Cox, CenturyLink, and more. People who are looking to spend as little as possible should check out the Motorola MB7420 cable modem. It’s a best-seller that’s down to just $58.99 right now at Amazon. It supports data speeds up to 686Mbps and is recommended for people with data speed tiers up to 300Mbps.

Anyone out there who wants something faster will find the 2Gbps ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 on sale for under $150. Then there’s the Motorola MG7700 cable modem & Wi-Fi router with gigabit internet support, which is perfect for anyone looking for a model that has built-in Wi-Fi as well. This way, you won’t need to use a separate wireless router if you don’t want to. Motorola’s MG770 retails for $200, but it’s on sale right now for $169.99.

Each and every one of these cable modems will eventually pay for itself since you’ll eliminate that monthly modem rental fee on your bill. With that in mind… why on Earth wouldn’t you get one?!

Motorola MB7420 cable modem – $58.99 (reg. $70)

ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 cable modem – $147.33 (reg. $200)

Motorola MG7700 cable modem & Wi-Fi router – $169.99 (reg. $200)

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