Save $90 on a certified refurbished Netgear WiFi system from Amazon

Haley Henschel

Some things you're right to have qualms about buying used, like underwear or a mattress

But a home WiFi system shouldn't be one of them — especially at a price this good.

Today on Amazon, you can save $90 on a Netgear Orbi WiFi system that's certified refurbished. (That means it's pre-loved but inspected, cleaned, and certified to look and function good as new.) 

The same setup costs upwards of $349.99 when bought brand spanking new, so this deal is saving you quite the pretty penny.

The Orbi system is one of those cool, newfangled mesh (or "whole home") WiFi networks, which involve multiple nodes spread throughout one's abode. Without boring you with the nitty-gritty details — you can find those here — mesh networks are really good at eliminating WiFi dead spots and generally offer far stronger connections than traditional router setups.  Read more...

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