How to save money when the temperature goes up, tips from AES

When this type of heat and humidity comes around, many are tempted to crank up the AC, but that isn’t the only way to stay cool.

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Any air conditioner in the Miami Valley can be seen powered up, and fans spinning quickly to cool off anyone who has been outside for even a short amount of time.

AES Spokesperson Maryann Kabel said that AES works with grid provider, PJM, which can be found throughout 13 states.

Kabel said one of the big concerns customers of AES have is if the capacity of the grid is strong enough for the high heat days.

“As of yesterday, their peak demand was around 128 megawatts, and on August 23 it was around 131 megawatts. Typically, they forecast peak demand of around 156 megawatts. Based on the low we’re experiencing now; we are performing very well. And our studies indicate that we can perform with that reliability with higher loads,” Kabel said.

Kabel said there are always different kinds of ways to beat the heat, but the importance of staying hydrated remains.

“Check on your neighbors and other family members, anyone who’s elderly, just to be helpful during this time and be mindful of the time you have your pets outside,” Kabel said.

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For those who choose to stay indoors to beat the heat, there are various things people can do to retain the cooling in their home.

Any windows that face the sun should have the blinds or drapes closed to keep the cool air in, Kabel said. People shouldn’t run their A.C. at its coolest setting, instead find a comfortable temperature and leave it at that.

“People are running their air but put your temperature at the highest you can comfortably be at, and it might be one or two degrees higher than normal. That’s really, important,” Kabel said.

When using appliances that produce heat, like an oven or washer and dryer, it is important to run those later in the evening or early in the morning instead of the peak hours of the day as this will help keep the temperature low.

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Turn off those unnecessary lights and fans, unplug any unnecessary appliances, and make sure no furniture or any draperies are disrupting the air filters, Kabel said.

“If you’re in a room that you have a fan, have that go counterclockwise, so you can push that cool air down and keep it down so you can be comfortable in your own family living areas,” Kabel said.

People don’t have to break the bank when it’s hot and humid outside, instead, they can find strategic ways to retain the cool air inside while saving some money.