Save River Farm, Speed Study: Top Greater Alexandria News Of 2021

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FORT HUNT, VA — While 2021 continued to be overshadowed by the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, there was a variety of news that interested Greater Alexandria Patch readers.

We are sharing the top stories of 2021 for Greater Alexandria Patch. Our site covers news in the Alexandria addresses in Fairfax County, including around the Route 1 corridor. We also share relevant stories from the City of Alexandria.

One of the top stories was River Farm, a local landmark that was George Washington's farms, being taken off the real estate market. After it was put up for sale, opposition from local residents as they feared the local landmark could be sold and no longer offer public access. But the American Horticultural Society changed course and is seeking to protect it from redevelopment with funding help.

Transportation news tends to be one of our popular topics. A speed study is underway for Richmond Highway to determine if the 45 mph speed limit should change. On the southern part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway south of the City of Alexandria, a safety study was released, leading to recommendations such as a road diet on parts.

In the police and fire category, we recalled the one-year anniversary of the February 2020 South Alex fire, Fairfax County's largest dollar loss fire. Other notable stories included a historical marker for escaped Mount Vernon slave Ona Judge, large items found during cleanup of Little Hunting Creek, a proposal for colocating emergency housing and the Penn Daw fire station and more.

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Here are Greater Alexandria's top stories of 2021:



Police and fire

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