Save My Skin: Mission: Skinfixable

Lucy's skin condition is preventing her from being the mom she wants to be.

Video Transcript

- Hi, there. Come and have a seat.

- Thank you.

- [? Shiku. ?] Isn't it?

- Yes, it is.

- A beautiful name.

- Thank you.

- Tell me about why you've come today.

- So I've come in today, because I've got keloids on my ears.

- Mhmm.

- I've got one at the top of my ear. He's, like, my oldest child. He's called Jeff.

- He's a problem child. He's quite painful, and I've got my middle, Mirando, behind my ear, and then my youngest, Brittney. Brittney is OK, because she's the smallest.

- That is so funny that you name them, because that's exactly what I do. I love it, so how did he come there?

- So I kind of made the mistake of getting piercings, and I went back to the shop. Because it pussing. But he said, that's just healing, it's normal, and told me to just keep the earrings in. And then a week goes by, and I just feel, like, a little bump. And then ever since then, it just kept growing, and growing, and growing. And I don't like to admit it, but it really has knocked my confidence a lot.

- Because you mask that very well, I have to say, because you come in. And you're so bright, and you're absolutely gorgeous. And that is certainly what I meeting you for the first time can see as opposed to seeing any of the keloid, but it is a shame that that's kind of what you think and what you feel. OK, well, let's have a little look at these kids.

OK, this is Jeff. Is Jeff sore when I squeeze him?

- Yeah.

- Sorry. I just want to see if it's fixed to the cartilage. It wasn't a cartilage piercing. Was it?

- It was.

- And then we moved on to--

- Miranda, she's quite painful actually.

- OK, and then where's Brittney?

- She's still a baby.

- Aw, hello, Brittney. Is Brittney itchy?

- No, she's just quiet.

- OK, so I'll be delighted to remove these little children for you.

- Thank you. I'm so excited.

- Good. OK, well, let's get you through to the surgical rooms.

So a keloid is a type of abnormal scar. When you have an injury to the skin, the skin tries to repair that injury by making collagen.

- So do you want to swing your legs around and lay back down here?

- But in the case of a keloid that keeps on making more and more collagen that gets into a tight, worley bowl of scar that just keeps getting bigger. So it's the type of scar that just keeps on giving.

- That's a cute little guy. Are you sure you want to get rid of him?

- Oh, definitely. I've had enough.

- So I think that we'll leave Brittney. She's not a bother. She's really well hidden as well. I mean, you can't really see her. But the other two that are causing a lot of pain, they are the ones that make sense to remove.

- [? Go ?] ahead.

- So although, [? Shiku's ?] keloids aren't the biggest I've ever treated, and they are still continuing to grow. And the fact that they were still itchy means that they're likely to keep getting bigger.

Are you ready to lose one of your children?

- I'm ready.