SBU exposes collaborator exporting Ukrainian grain to Russia


Ukraine’s SBU security service has arrested a Ukrainian businessman suspected of working with Russian occupation “authorities” in southern Ukraine to illegally export grain to Russia, the SBU said in a message on its website on Aug. 25.

The SBU alleges that the owner of one of the leading agricultural holdings in Zaporizhzhya Oblast organized wholesale supply of grain and other produce from his companies that operate on Russia-occupied territory of the region.

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The investigation established that for "unhindered" business conduct on the temporarily occupied territory, the businessman and his accomplice, who stayed in occupied Berdyansk, changed registration and began paying taxes to Russia’s state budget. Harvests of wheat and other agricultural products produced by the suspect were transported to Russia through the port of Berdyansk.

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The businessman was arrested in Kyiv after moving there from Berdyansk following its seizure by Russian troops in 2022. According to the investigation, when the man moved to the capital, he arranged remote control over his companies, while in Berdyansk, his partner carried out actual management of the enterprises.

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During searches at his residence and office in Kyiv, cash, documents, and computer equipment with evidence of criminal conduct were found.

The businessman-turned-collaborator faces up to five years of imprisonment with property confiscation.

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