SC House passes bill restricting abortions

South Carolina House members have passed a bill banning almost all abortions in the state. The House voted 79-35 in favor of the “South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act.” The measure was passed after nearly all the Democratic members of the caucus walked out of the chamber in protest. (Feb. 17)

Video Transcript

TODD RUTHERFORD: Ladies and gentlemen of the House, the Democratic caucus will exit the House floor and leave you all to the farce which is a debate about life.

MELISSA OREMUS: That fetus, that infant, did not make bad decisions. They are innocent. They are innocent, and don't deserve to die just because the mother made a bad choice one night.

GILDA COBB-HUNTER: I don't know. Maybe I missed some of your pro-life comments on January 6.

DAVID HIOTT: And Governor McMaster, if you can hear me, I'm calling on you to sign this bill tomorrow after third reading before we leave this chamber.

- By a vote of 79 to 35, Senate [? one ?] receives second reading by the body.