Scammer posing as Uber driver charged after targeting multiple victims through cash apps

NEW YORK CITY - One of the latest cash app scams proves fraudsters are pulling out all the stops to get money out of your wallet or purse.

29-year-old Sukhrop Suvonov is the latest example of criminals getting creative.

Authorities say back in December he pretended to be an Uber Driver in the West Village scamming victims – after picking them up outside The Red Lion bar.

Police say he convinced the victims he needed to use their phone to get directions and when they turned over the devices, he transferred thousands of dollars to his own PayPal account and gave the phone right back.

Manhattan DA’s office says it's not the first time he’s struck.

They say he used Venmo to steal $3,000 on Dec. 27th and back in October he used a woman’s phone he picked up on E. 66th Street to purchase nearly $3,500 worth of food at the Apple Store.

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"Because the victims willingly gave their phones to the perpetrator here the financial institutions may not refund them they’re money," Criminal Justice professor at John Jay College, Jeff Marshall said.

"If you’re having these cash apps on your home screen, you’re asking to become a victim so do not display them on your home screen. Hide them on the second third fourth screen," Paul Oster with Better Qualified added.

He’s urging users in the climate we’re in to just pretend that they don’t even use the apps to begin with.

Suvonov is facing grand larceny charges and possession of a forged instrument.

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