‘It scared me so bad’: Neighbors shaken after devastating explosion in Plum neighborhood

Families in a typically quiet Plum neighborhood are shaken after an explosion Saturday killed six, destroyed three homes and damaged several others.

PHOTOS: House leveled in explosion in Plum Borough; several other homes damaged

LATEST UPDATES: 6 people dead, including child, after massive explosion in Plum

Neighbors described the explosion as feeling like they were punched in the chest or like a mortar was over their house. One neighbor said, “It shook everything.”

Many said the blast scared the whole street.

“I heard a boom, it was so loud it woke me up, I thought it was thunder from the storm last night... I was shaking — it scared me so bad,” said neighbor Alexis Typanski.

It also sent people running outside to see what happened.

“I was eating a sandwich and I heard a very loud explosion, realized I couldn’t get out of my front door and the house beside me or a couple doors down was on fire,” said neighbor George Emanuele.

For firefighter Chuck Carroll, responding to the call was personal because he lives in Rustic Ridge.

“I was concerned because it was my neighbors. We knew where the call was from the address. You know the people. It’s very emotional,” he said.

Despite tragedy unfolding around them, neighbors and families were quick to bring supplies for first responders.

“These men and women, they go through a lot of work to help when a catastrophe like this happens,” neighbor Lorelei Shamali told Channel 11.

First responders say they’re thankful for the help.

“Do you see all the water? It’s amazing,” said Anita MAydak Neace, with the Renton Volunteer Fire Department. “The food, we did not ask for food. They brought snacks so if people go to a hotel… Somebody brought Teddy bears for kids.”

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LATEST UPDATE: 4 people are dead, 1 still unaccounted for after massive explosion in Plum LATEST UPDATES: Tornado touched down in Washington County, NWS confirms PHOTOS: House leveled in explosion in Plum Borough; several other homes damaged VIDEO: RAW: New video shows the moemnt a home exploded in Plum DOWNLOAD the Channel 11 News app for breaking news alerts