Scarlett Johansson on how 'Black Widow' is a response to #MeToo

Scarlett Johansson revealed to Yahoo Entertainment that her latest Marvel film, Black Widow, is a response to the #MeToo movement.

Video Transcript


- His callsign's Taskmaster. He controls the red room. They're manipulated-- fully conscious, but no choices.

- I should have come back for you. How many others are there?

- Dreykov definitely reminded me of a certain disgraced movie mogul and his abuse and manipulation of women all over the world. Scarlett, did you-- did you look at "Black Widow" and that character specifically as an opportunity to comment on "Me Too" and powerful men in entertainment like Harvey Weinstein or any other arena abusing their power and being generally awful?

SCARLETT JOHANSSON: Yeah, unfortunately that's just one example of like so, so many. The short answer is yes. When we-- very-- like at the very beginning of, you know, really seriously talking about what this could be about, you know, it was right during the beginning of the "Me Too" movement-- and it felt like you cannot miss the opportunity to draw the comparison between these-- these two things. I mean, Natasha has a, you know, victim of childhood trauma and exploitation, and she-- it's a past that she doesn't want to face, that she's running away from.

When then her sister who's very self-possessed, kind of firecracker, liability in some ways, you know, but basically forcing her to come to terms with that. Forcing her to face it. It felt very much like what, you know, is happening now. You know, it was amazing to have the platform to be able to comment on that.

- Makes the movie all the more powerful and profound.


- I've lived a lot of lives, but I'm done running from my past.