Scattered Showers By Midday Saturday

CBS 2 meteorologist Ed Curran has the forecast.

Video Transcript

- Now we're going to head back to Ed for another look at your real time forecast.

ED CURRAN: We have some rain headed into the area. We'll see rain develop as we go through the morning hours, but could be scattered stuff. 56 degrees, our current temperature at O'Hare, 49 degrees at Aurora, everybody's pretty much in the same temperature boat here.

Winds out of the South at about 5 or 6 miles per hour. Winds are not a big deal. Here's the bigger deal. And even this is not huge. We see a huge mass of rain that's headed towards Chicago, but this is diminishing in intensity as it moves to the East. As you can see, it's diminished in intensity, and it's very, very dry down at ground level.

So as it moves to the East as to overcome the dry air before it hits the ground, so that's why we expect this to be pretty scattered shower activity as it comes through the Chicago area. You see I have some rain on here at 10:00 AM, and aside from that, it's just going to be scattered stuff around here. So your day is not a total washout, but you will see rain from time to time as we go through the day. Tonight, rain early on and then it starts to clear out of here, and tonight becomes just mostly cloudy night. That's about it.

Temperatures tomorrow are a little bit warmer than today. Yesterday we hit 71, today will be in the mid 60s, tomorrow we go back to the 70s, with a high rate around 70 degrees and that's perfectly normal for this time of year. Here's what we're looking at tomorrow as far as sky conditions are concerned. I think you'll have more clouds and you will sunshine as we bring our temperatures up to about 70 degrees or so around the Chicago area.

65 today, 70 on Sunday, and 71 on Monday. And with a chance of showers each day and some thunderstorm possibilities as well late in the week, we'll keep adding to our temperatures every day, and by Thursday and Friday, we are in the 80s.