Scene-for-scene 'Back to the Future Too' makes the best of quarantine times

'Back to the Future Too': a creative, cathartic response to self-isolation
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Hundreds of contributors combined their talents and homemade props to remake '80s classic "Back to the Future 2" in the span of a week.

Five years after the 2015 setting "Back to the Future 2," and rather than swooping around on hoverboards and having our heads munched by holographic sharks, we're cooped up inside for the betterment of humanity.

That's where DIY, fan-made tribute "Project 88" comes in, a globetrotting community remake of the 1980s classic for this self-isolating coronavirus era.

Over 300 people from 9 different countries contributed to "Back to the Future Too," which features puppets, pets, and cobbled-together props, as well as a collage of animation and live-action styles across 88 pre-defined scenes.

Adjust your expectations to include baby-carrying moms, a ballroom of toy animals and Doc Brown as a googly-eyed muppet.

Cast and crew had to complete their scenes while complying with stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines, and the project even managed to pull in some of the film's original actors.

The 1-hour, 45-minute homage manages to match the 1989 blockbuster for length, with its creators making it available for free.

Any donations, they suggest, could be diverted towards the No Kid Hungry initiative, the Michael J. Fox Foundation or otherwise converted into practical help for local communities.

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