Scheming Dog Tries Its Best to Steal Favorite Spot on Couch

A sneaky dog tried her best to reclaim her favorite spot on the couch at an Ohio farm, recent footage shows.

Oberlin-based farmer Tammy Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account.

One of her most recent clips shows one of her dogs, Bes, trying to steal the spot Tunison’s other dog, Q, was happily resting on. She can be seen trying to coyly squeeze herself in beside Q in an effort to get him to move.

According to Tunison, that particular seat is all of the animal’s favorite, as it has “the best view of the yard”.

“Q had the spot this time, so Bes decided she wanted it. Bes is very subtle about asking for what she wants,” Tunison told Storyful. “She will just slide into the spot hoping to annoy the one sitting there enough they will just move, and it always works.”

She said that usually Q “does not want conflict” so will just move, but Bes was out of luck this time as Tunison decided to help him keep the spot.

“Bes did everything she could think of to annoy Q so he would move. Nothing worked because I was helping Q keep his spot,” Tunison said, adding that Bes eventually gave up and shared the seat with her fur brother. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

Video Transcript


[BARK] Hey, be nice. Be nice. Be nice, Gue. Don't get in her spot, lay down. Get down, Bess.

- Get in the holiday spirit. [INAUDIBLE]

- Don't get up, this is your spot.

- Hates the husbands as much as the wives.

- Most likely because--

- You stay there.

- --he's own marriage failed in a humiliating way.

- She's trying to steal your spot so don't let her.


- Bess, that is not right and not fair. You put your head back, Gue. Put your head back. You do it. You put your head back. That's your spot. You keep your spot, Gue.


It's your spot, Gue. You keep your spot. Oh, my gosh. You're such a turd, Bess. Oh, my gosh. The turd you are.