Schlarman Academy to present award to Hahne family

Jan. 14—DANVILLE — Schlarman Academy will present the Family Legacy award to the Hahne family with a ceremony on Jan. 27 between the JV and Varsity boys basketball games in Paul C. Shebby gymnasium. The approximate time will be 7 p.m.

For more than 50 years, spanning three generations, the Hahne family has had 27 members attend Schlarman, including five current students.

At the top of the Hahne family are Leslie and Jane Hahne who sent seven children to Schlarman. Although Les and Jane were not Schlarman alums, Les was inducted into the Schlarman Hall of Fame as an honorary member in 1989 because of his generous support of SHS.

The following are the first generation of Hahne attendees with their graduation year: Polly Hahne Woolford (dec) 1971, Hazlett Hahne 1973, Susan Hahne Drake 1976, Leslie (Chuck) Hahne III (dec) 1978, James Hahne 1980, Nancy Hahne Konieczki 1985 and Molly Hahne Woods 1987. The second generation of Hahne family members include 13 graduates, two of these graduates married Schlarman alums. Susan and Richard Drake sent four children, Nancy and Tony Konieczki sent two children and James and Kelly Hahne sent six children. The third generation is made up of five current students from two second-generation families, these students are also grandchildren of Susan and Richard Drake and James and Kelly Hahne.

Two members of the Hahne family tree are also employees of Schlarman Academy. Kelly Hahne is a preschool teacher and Ashley Drake is a bookkeeper.

Schlarman is proud to present this award to a family who has truly made a legacy of attending and supporting Schlarman High School and Schlarman Academy.