With school out, this administrator had to find a creative way to let teen know she's valedictorian

Catherine Garcia
·1 min read

When Michelle Floering pulled up to the Culver's drive-thru in Traverse City, Michigan, she ordered a frozen custard and delivered a very important message.

Since school is out due to the coronavirus pandemic, Floering, the secondary principal at Grand Traverse Academy, wasn't able to immediately tell senior Kaitlyn Watson that she is this year's valedictorian. She knew Watson worked at Culver's, so Floering drove over and asked to see Watson at the window.

Floering recorded the whole interaction, capturing Watson's excitement after she told her she was GTA's 2020 valedictorian. "I am?" Watson responded as she jumped in the air. "Oh my gosh! Thank you so much!" Floering said the honor was "well deserved," and if they didn't have to practice social distancing, she would give Watson a hug. Watch the video below.

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