School board approves 6% increase to superintendent salary

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Jul. 17—Following the superintendent's annual review held in closed session on Monday, July 12, the Newton Community School District Board of Education unanimously voted in favor of approving Tom Messinger's salary for fiscal year 2022 and in doing so gave him a 6 percent raise.

Rather than his $175,000 salary in FY21, Messinger will be paid $185,500 in FY22 by the Newton school district.

Last month, the school board agreed to renew Messinger's contract for another three years before he had his end-of-year evaluation. Messinger first joined the school district in 2020 after previously serving as superintendent at Red Oak. Messinger took over outgoing superintendent Bob Callaghan.

Newton Community School District consists of seven campuses and roughly 3,000 students. According to US News, the district's total revenue is $38,427,000 and its total expenses equal $37,829,000.

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